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The Stone Is Cracked, Who Says It Is The Inferior
Dec 25, 2017

Customer: "eh? How do you have a crack in this stone! Do you give us the defective products? "

Stone dealer: "no dear. Because of the physical characteristics of natural stone selected by you, it is easy to produce natural cracks. After installation, it will not affect the use of Oh!"


Take a look at the customers

Interpretation of common indicators for measuring physical properties of stone materials



(I) volume density

The ratio of the quality to the volume of the stone. The density of the rock is very important, and it has high stability in the process of sawing, grinding, throwing and cutting.

(II) water absorption

It refers to the water absorption capacity of stone, which reflects the number, size, distribution and connection of the pores in the stone. The water absorption of rock is generally less than 1.5%, and less than 0.5% can be seen as good anti weathering property and good frost resistance, but it can not do the test of frost resistance.

(III) compressive strength

It refers to the anti - destructive ability of rock under unidirectional compression. The size of the compressive strength indicates the hardness of the rock. The compressive strength of MPa, 1MPa=10.2kg/cm - (kg / cm2).

(IV) flexural strength

The ability to resist fracture at two supporting points with a certain specification of the veneer sheet. The flexural strength of the test stone is about 1/14 to 1/8 of the compressive strength. The flexural strength of the stone can be roughly estimated by the compressive strength. The greater the flexural strength, the less fracture of the plate.


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