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The Difference Between Ceramic Tiles And Marble Tiles Part II
Dec 19, 2017

Two. From the perspective of environmental protection:


For a long time, because of some unfair competition and vicious propaganda, people have always thought that the marble radiation is harmful to home life. But in fact, stone is the most important part of the earth's surface, and our human life itself is living on the surface of the stone. And the stone in the whole process of mining and processing is cold processing, without high temperature calcination or to add other chemicals.


In April 25, 2016, CCTV financial channel consumer advocate column carried out in-depth investigation and research for the big rumors of marble radiation, and discovered the truth of the fact and reported it through the modern equipment test.


The experimental results showed that the radiation values of the main building materials such as tiles, glass, wood and marble circulated in the market are all in the range of the state's harmless to human health, but to everyone's surprise, the radiation of marble is the smallest. The radiation of the glass is around 0.3~0.4, the wood is 0.4~0.5, the tile is around 0.3~0.5, and the marble's radiation is only about 0.01~0.02. It's far below the other building materials!


Three. The effect of paving


1. What? Not enough resolution?!!!

The marble is beautiful and elegant because of its bright colors and rich and changeable textures. It occupies the main and growing market share in the decorative materials. At present most popular on the market of ceramic tile is precisely the "imitation marble tile", then "fake ghosts" can really replace the "real Li Kui"? What is the truth of "imitation marble tiles"? The expert did a test of such a test:


The method of detection is like this: we have prepared two models separately, one is the natural marble named "Sapphire" (blue marble is famous for its value and beauty in nature), and the other is the naming "Sapphire" tile. Then the two look "almost" model are respectively fixed on the panels, using a digital camera (simulated eyes) were filmed in the 2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1 meters and 0.3 meters four different distance, and through visual comparison of shooting to judge "imitation marble tiles in the decorative effect whether can be the perfect substitute of natural marble".


Results: in the 0.3 meters close observation, "natural marble" color and texture showing a more delicate and rich stereoscopic effect, and "imitation marble tiles" exposed the drawbacks of its "resolution" is insufficient, the entire pattern such as a mosaic version is a blurred. "Comparable to natural marble decorative effect" lies are completely breakdown.


In fact, the truth is very simple. The so-called "imitation marble tile" is actually on the surface of tile, using the technology of industrial inkjet printing, that is, the 3D inkjet printing, which is vigorously promoted by the ceramic industry, will print the copied marble pattern. The resolution of this type of printing is limited in high definition, and it will be blurred by enlarging and near the observation detail. Even the low-end brands produced by some inferior equipment have the disadvantages of "heavy shadow".


The color of natural marble is formed by the color of all kinds of minerals. Different minerals show different colors. Their varied texture is naturally formed due to different distribution components. So the beautiful colors of marble that we see in our eyes are actually not "colors", but not "printed pigments", but "material"! Of course, clear and beautiful, magnifying countless times can not be blurred.


Therefore, the "imitation marble tile" is just "printed matter", just like the simulation of calligraphy and painting can never have the value of the famous real product. At this point, tile and natural marble are not comparable.


2. Are you four or eight

When I met a sales director in a ceramic industry a while ago, I asked a question, "are you four or eight?" The young man proudly said, "we are all eight!" The next person confused, unintelligible.


The reason is that the imitation marble tiles are essentially printed, and each piece is the same. So it looks very monotonous, there's no change in the whole, and it's dead. We can feel a few of the following pictures.


May the customer is not very clear this disadvantage of ceramic tiles, ceramic tile manufacturers but as is well aware, so some manufacturers have developed four pieces of a group, a group of eight products, the four pieces and eight pieces are not the same, but the other four pieces, eight pieces are the same.


And every piece of natural marble is the result of nature. Just as there are no identical two leaves in the world, there are no identical two pieces of marble in the world. Therefore, the effect of the natural marble paving is flexible, full of natural rhythms and artistic sense. This is the realm of ceramic tiles that can never be surpassed and arrived. We can come up with a contrast:


As the saying goes: not afraid, afraid of goods than goods. From these two sets of photographs, all languages are pale. Artificial quantitative production of imitation marble tiles is always "printed" and "imitation", but it can not replace natural marble in many performance and artistic appreciation. The decorative effect of marble has an unparalleled beauty.


Four. Popular trends:


What? I carefully decorated the home you said I was out of date?!

More than one aspect of scientific and meticulous analysis and comparison has basically come to the conclusion that marble is due to ceramic tiles in many aspects, such as beauty appreciation, process plasticity and so on.



But! (the important thing to say three times)

The most important point we haven't realized yet!



Ceramic tiles are often made new because they are artificial products. There will be a new fashion every two years. So there will be such a phenomenon: it spends a lot of money to decorate it well, and the guests come and see, "well, it's beautiful!" But it turns out to be the old one in two years... After two years, it is estimated that the style is eliminated. This is the reason that many ceramic showrooms are redecorated every two years.


And marble is a natural product, and a mine will produce a kind of stone. Even though hundreds of years ago were still such stones, marble is an eternal classic. Some stone buildings in Europe and America have been shining and lofty for hundreds of years. The longer the time is, the more charm it will be!


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