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The Difference Between Ceramic And Marble Tiles Part I
Dec 18, 2017

First, from the technical point of view:


Stone is a kind of most plastic building materials, can be processed into sheets, lines, columns of any shape, also can be made into special relief carvings, etc.......


The plasticity of this point may be the only wood and stone can be compared, but wood and stone as the two most important building decoration materialswhich have the longest history in human use of it. But the wood products need to paint on the surface. In the moistureproof and anticorrosive relatively weaker, slightly less than the stone.


There are several important differences between ceramic tiles and marble in decoration and renovation.


1, gap and surface treatment:


The ground is as flat as a mirror? How is that possible?


Because tile looks good on the surface glaze, and the main body of clay is glazed under the glaze. It has no gloss and rich color and natural texture. So the best way to deal with tile cracks is to use beauty suture. The joint of plastic material agent or a blend of essential chemical ingredients, as long as the glue will be aging, and the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction with the brick, a long time will still be ageing and falling. And when the tiles are put up, the uneven size and the manual error are all normal.


But the natural marble body are the same, even to wear only a few mm, its color, luster, texture and surface is the same, so natural marble paved on after the completion of the user can choose to do mirror treatment, mirror processing can be subtle or error disposal installation paving is produced, polished, after polishing, the gap can make the ground as to form a smooth and bright mirror! The name is mirror surface treatment. And can be processed repeatedly, even after years of use of surface scratching or heavy bump produces small gap, can achieve bright effect by surface treatment!


2. Special-shaped processing:


As we have just mentioned, stone is the most powerful building material. With all kinds of professional processing, stone can achieve any effect that the designer can imagine. The limitation of ceramic tiles is the inconsistency between the glaze and the embryo, and there is no consistent texture and color in the cut section.


So, regardless of the customer is the choice of the ground tile or marble stairs, often made of marble, such as door, window cover lines and columns especially preferred marble.


We draw a conclusion that the ceramic tiles can not shape various shapes like marble to achieve better decorative effects because of the limitations of their own characteristics.  

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