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Stone Is Noble By Color Differenece.
Jan 02, 2018

A real estate company bought a batch of stone from a stone company, and then decorated on the wall. When the project completed, the buyer is not satisfied. They felt ugly. But when many people see the stone wall, they feel so attractive!

So what is the project like in the end?

Please look down:


The customer is feeling the color difference! It's not the same as the designed one! So it's very dissatisfied! But what is in fact? This very random character just shows the unique charm of natural marble. This building is the only existence on the earth! It's absolutely impossible to copy! So, the editor really feels that - - the inexperienced to see the appearance, and the experienced appreciated to the contents.” The concept of consumers also needs the unremitting guidance of the industry! 



The buildings of United States’White House, the British Buckingham, France's Le Louvre Museum, Rome's Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin in Russia, Shanghai, the Bund were built more than 100 years ago. They are all stone buildings. Judged by the modern sights, I'm afraid all the garbage project, because the stone used in these projects are with color aberration.


Most Chinese people don't love color aberration. Their favorite and design style is regular and simple. But in western countries, color difference engineering is considered to be the highest art in nature. And natural, is the best!

Just imagine that in millions of years, the nature produces the unique characteristics of stone. But the tiles that imitate natural stones need to be made exactly the same. How can ceramic tiles reflect the characteristics of stone?

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