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Stone Is Noble By Color Difference II
Jan 05, 2018

There is no law, that is, the law of extremes.

There is no unity, that is, to be the ultimate unity.

There is no man-made, that is the ultimate charm.

This is the charm of the stone!


Why in China, in the whole building decoration material system, only stone is required to have no "color difference" and "defect"? Not because the majority of the consumer demand is too high, but the "misleading" caused by stone people’s “smart-ass”.


Over the years, the quality of stone materials has been misled by stone people. Often, salesmen will tell consumers what kinds of stones are good and what kinds of stones are bad. Some enterprises even regard such misleading as the competitiveness of their own businesses. However, for this a little bit of the so-called "good", the sellers must “dig” from a whole block. That even the "egg" sold for three times the price, nor the "chicken" value be balanced. This is the reason that a lot of stone enterprises’ profit are in a pile of waste.


Over the years, stone industry and tooling have been brought into the misunderstanding of the stone industry in the "non-standard" industry. Stone people launched the "typesetting service". They chose the "color difference" as the competitive advantage of the company, and taught Party A how to "criticize". At the same time, the "color difference" is used as a sharp weapon to attack the poor management of the competitors. It has brought great waste to the stone industry. When you visit the leading enterprises in the stone industry, you will find piles of stone waste blocks everywhere. These are the stone people fry in their fat.


When you walk into Rome [Leonardo, Da Vinci International Airport] in Italy and when you see marble on the ground, you will see that color difference, black spots and broken lines are everywhere. Why does Italy as the "the kingdom of marble" not care the color difference? That is because the color difference can stand a long time appreciation.


Granite is volcanic rock, and marble is sedimentary rock. And "creator" did not create "perfect" when "volcanoes" were formed or when the sea was deposited. On the contrary, the so-called "blemish" of stone people is precisely the colorful expression of all kinds. The way that ceramic tile makers imitate stone tiles "flaws", just help stone people to understand what “imitation of nature” is. Just like the ceramic tile makers slap the stone people in the face of all China tile consumers. However, the stone people still refuse to realize their error. Those perfect products in stone people’s mind are regarded as "old fashioned” by the artistic people. These are the results brought by stone people’s mislead.


Therefore, the evaluation system of the art design of stone products cannot be decided by the stone people. It should be judged by the artists and appraised by the consumers.


Stone color difference is the beauty of nature, the beauty of the personality. Please do not say that the color difference is not good, that is you do not understand the beauty of natural stone!


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