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Portugal Decorative Stone To The China Market
Oct 10, 2016

Due to the impact of the economic crisis in Europe, a growing number of Portugal decoration stone business towards emerging markets, led by China, 2011 exports amounted to 437 million euros, of which 54 million entering the Chinese market, up 8% over the previous year, accounted for more than 12%, 4.8% over two years ago. 2012 years ago 5 months exports to China reached 27.4 million, showing a positive trend, which that year is expected to be record. Portugal foreign investment and trade promotion Bureau data showed, 2012 1-China in April in Portugal in stone export up to 18% per cent, second only to France (20.2%), ranked second. As the world's largest producer and consumer of decorative stone, China in Portugal in the export of this product have an increasingly important effect.

In the export to China, 90% as large rocks without processing. Shipped to China, using lower-cost local labour for processing. Even for stone materials, prices also increased by 8 times in the last 5 years.

Decorative stone is Portugal one of the few mineral resources. Since 2008, exports increased, the current export rate has reached 75%.

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