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Design And Implementation Of Stone Curtain Wall Part I
Jan 09, 2018

The detailed design of stone curtain wall usually according to the design drawings provided by determining the exact stone cell size, color, material, sealing material, and draw the size of node detail detailed stone facade map and various complex parts, and each single stone weight, size and vibration resistance, and other requirements for the mechanical calculation, determine the size of dry hanging stone and keel system, embedded parts and connectors etc.. In the case of conditions, the mechanical properties of the results are tested on the site to ensure the safety of the stone curtain wall.


1, the choice of stone?

For deepening design, we should cooperate with the design units and builder. According to the design requirements of curtain wall partition and material and color, all kinds of stone samples will be provided to the builder, so as to help them confirm the stone used as soon as possible. Usually, in selecting several kinds of stones, we should consider the stone material's surface characteristics, colors and textures according to the stone material. Although the stone supplier has given the physical performance index of stone, but as a natural material, its physical properties vary greatly. Therefore, it must be reconfirmed, so as to establish corresponding design indexes for stone design.

2, the choice of the way of dry hanging

Dry hanging stone way with steel pin type, groove type, short slot, back bolt forms, more commonly used in a short slot and back bolt two, the suspension of comparison, the short slot is cheaper but not as secure as back bolt type, usually used for stone weight too big or the safety requirements are not too high; back bolt dry hanging reliable stability, but the costs are higher for larger stones (thickness of 30 mm when the area of more than 1.5 square meters of stone or stone) on safety performance requirements is high.


3, mechanical calculation of stone and dry hanging system

First determine the load from the curtain wall and the role of the form, and then determine the dry hanging stone, and then determine the calculation model of stone plate, security force calculation, according to the load hanging system to determine the value of dry hanging system configuration and use accessories, connectors, embedded parts and horizontal keel size. The design of stone and its dry hanging system should be in accordance with the requirements of the national standard "technical specification for metal and stone curtain wall engineering" JGJ133-2001. The weight of the material, the wind load and the seismic load are usually considered in the calculation of 3.1 loads, and they are combined according to the load mode. The corresponding sub item coefficient and combination coefficient should be strictly applied according to the specification requirements. For some special buildings, there will be special requirements for the corresponding load calculation values in the design instructions, and the maximum value should be calculated when compared with the norms. In the calculation of the dry hanging system, the mechanical calculation of the load should be determined according to the characteristics of the force transmission of the rigid body. Sometimes, when some load is not easy to be determined, the size of the load can be determined by the simulation test.

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