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Conservation Stone Dry Cleaner's Most Important
Oct 10, 2016

Stone conservation must first know how to stone, stone to Prophet causes lesions occur, do not rush drops medical service. Stone cracks, float, yellow, water stain, rust, Rainbow, Matt and other problems, the reason may be due to too much water. So it is best to avoid using the bathroom in natural stone. More bathroom moisture, natural stone in this environment, easily become bleak on the surface and produce a circle similar to the cloud-like white spot. Stone surface yellowing phenomenon may be wax clogging the pores of the stone to breathe. Stones to keep the light and bright and clean, regular maintenance and cleaning, to take for stone protective agent, company or professional polishing treatment.
People also found that waxing will also some damage to the stone, because it is used as a gas-tight seal protection material deposited in the stone surface, stone's pores are closed within and behind the dissemination of moisture does not come out, accumulate in the stone interior stone changes over a long period. There are many owners like covering carpet or debris on the marble floor, humidity cannot pass "pores" flavor, stone will produce due to excessive humidity, water content increased "lesions".

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