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Several considerations for using architectural stone
Oct 10, 2016

1. Plaza road should not be using a light panel. Some square and road paving a smooth stone, encountered sleet, passers-by gingerly, walk on thin ice, such as Beijing station square, zanhuang County of Hebei province road are two example.
2. Park pavement about nature, nature-oriented, less artificial and Polish, but some parks use a lot of smooth stones, such as plaque, bench, footpath, road, surrounding pine pavilion, nature of the wind picked up. Fuwai Street, Beijing, the Park is one example. Best to use arbitrary-shaped stone paving in the Park, tables and chairs are also available white stone.
3. bench decoration learning steps (stairs) stone, generally 2cm, but after a few years of junior high school seriously damaged edges shaped like a canine. This is of course not people riding, but carry some heavy knocking bad. The 2cm thick plates used as stairs are not suitable, at least greater than 3cm. In addition, step stone SISU margin cannot be made a 90-degree angle, arc or chamfer in order to increase impact resistance. Step stone front, not adding copper slip, for a long time, copper bars loose, and do not wear, and installed copper must step stone saw slot, which would reduce the intensity of step stone. Step stone on fire is the best way out of a Matt surface, look good, and slip resistant.
4. the wall has concave walls in the past were mostly blank, "Athletics" Word segmentation, is boring. In the pursuit of perfection and selling point of today's architects have sought changes, especially in Shanghai, and has some good works of decorative stone.

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