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Flexible stone conservation times
Oct 10, 2016

Soft stone with its natural appearance, durable character becomes a new contemporary building materials selected, soft stone industry has become a pillar industry of building materials industry. But Henan province personnel examination center network, people familiar with the soft stone is still in its early stages, most people are not familiar with the soft stone conservation topics, which is affecting the flexible development of stone industry. For this reason, the call for flexible protection of stone to face up to, the best from its use phase, protection measures will follow.

Stone general lack of care is now flexible, homes, apartments and large buildings, such as high-end decorating more and more fond of using soft stone, however, care for soft stone, but was not doing enough. Many people think that isn't flexible stone stone, sturdy, used on the line. The officer believes that flexible stone is a living thing, it's durable and aesthetically pleasing, is in the care of people.

In recent years, because of the deterioration of the natural environment, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, dust, acid rain and other pollutants on the construction by use of the soft stone caused a great deal of pollution. In our four-week, often see beautiful buildings "painted face" impregnated, new rust square not long wet patches keyword optimization, this is because of the soft stone of protection caused by not keeping up.

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