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Development of polished
Oct 10, 2016

Polished tiles with the continuous improvement of production technology, quality lead in the world, the quality in the international advanced level. GB higher than the European standard, straight surface flatness, straightness, angle and parameters, such as wear resistance more than twice times higher than the European standard. Process requirements on small tile higher than abroad, on the seamless, higher requirements for tile size accuracy, quality or better. Polished accounted for a large share of the export. Extra large size ceramic tiles under the influence of environment, strength, failure rate, there will be no more development. In order to change, under ceramic enterprises in science and technology, improve the performance of polished tile, polished tile with ground-breaking innovations. But when it comes to tiles and art to an easy piece, it just spread the floor bricks, bricks, penetration by dribs and drabs of art show the household's taste and style. More closely related to the art of tile this spring. Design in General, comes from nature, texture, noble and timeless classic colors and patterns of the most popular. And these tiles represent the first full of art Italy and Spain tiles.

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