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Analysis of building stone industry development prospect in China
Oct 10, 2016

Building stone is the main building masonry or decorative natural stone. Natural stone in the process of its formation due to the Rock-forming material and geological conditions, forms a wide variety, the evaporation of rocks, with rich reserves, widely distributed, local materials, compact structure, high compressive strength characteristics, compressive strength over 100MPa most stone, water resistance, durability and wear resistance and good technical characteristics.
China marble production, prices and quality of coordination, resulting in some inappropriate use on, the demands on the building also gave the market some misguided, some do not have the development of high-end products, manufacturers of a large number of blind horse, marble caused waste of valuable resources.
Current is not very healthy in the domestic real estate industry, stone industry in China have entered a cold winter. From that point of view market industries into bankruptcy, layoffs. However, investment in the country to boost domestic demand driven by, in the next few years will quickly pull the consumption of building materials, and promote the development of decorative stone industries.
At present, the building stone market in China under the impact of the economic crisis, in addition to the stone has a certain impact on exports and did not have much of an impact on the marketing industry as a whole.

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