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Advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles
Oct 10, 2016

1. marble tile a higher flexural strength
Advantages of natural marble and natural, the disadvantages of natural. Low flexural strength of natural marble. Above tiles the bending strength of 30mpa, so ceramic tiles according to the specifications of different thickness of just 10MM-14mm. And natural marble anti-folding strength low, General in 10mpa around, easy fracture, especially larger more long plate more occurred broken and broken, so natural marble of thickness General in 20mm to 25mm, because natural marble thick, on brings has units square meters weight of increased, this not only increased has transport cost, and Pu posted difficulty, also will occupied building of space and buildings of load, increased buildings of cost.
2. marble tiles of higher density
Natural marble low density porous gaps of the imperceptible to the naked eye, easy to absorb water pollution. Processing when cutting stone, paving and put into use, should pay attention to cleaning. Once the seepage pollution is difficult to eliminate, and dull, affecting the decorative effect. So in construction must be done before protection, use also need regular care, are cumbersome and increase costs, marble tiles do not have these problems.
3. the marble tile color-small
Natural marble flaws, chromatic aberration, and cracks are uncontrollable natural properties. Stone industry have a saying: "there is no crack the marble is not marble" in plate production process, therefore, a necessary process: glue. Resin color filling the cracks and then polished. Moreover a Boulder into a number of pieces of plate surface, color textures vary color is another headache for the, so marble material must be typeset in a factory before delivery, number, to ensure that the color difference is not too great after tiling, during the construction process, once broken, it's hard to find the same color and texture to be supplemented. Marble tile, there is no such problem.

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