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Stone Bookend Tabletop Book Rack Case Holder Shelf Storage Browsers Bookcase Gift

Our company's new products--Marble bookends. Elegant, simple, valuable.

Product Details

The utility model is used to establish frame for book shelves. Many people used to call them bookends or book ends, relatively simple, easy to assemble. Books can be placed directly. Our company bookends are one and only, full of visual enjoyment. The main part of the bookend is marble, electroplating metal for ornament. The combination make our bookends look nobler! It is suitable for the study room and the living room. It's an ingenious gift!

Our designers try to show you a simple attitude towards lifestyle, to create a trend of simply nature. They use 100 percent natural stone such as granite and marble to produce the tabletop book holders. It is a new idea for book display. As we all know, natural stone is with high durability and without harsh chemicals. Thus there is no foul smell. Stay closing to healthy life and nature. The simple design makes books viewing and accessing easier, makes tabletop in good order. Customized sizes will fit your space well.

1.Bookshelf HSA029


Dimension: 30X30X18CM(sizes can be customized)

2. Bookend HSBOOK018 (sizes can be customized)




3. Bookend HSBOOK019(sizes can be customized) 




4. Bookend HSBOOK020 (sizes can be customized)HSBOOK020-1.jpg


5. Bookend HSBOOK021 (Sizes can be customized)



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