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Office Desktop Marble Granite Pen Letter Holder Organizer Letter Storage Rack Box Stationary Case Gift

Office Desktop Marble Granite Pen Letter Holder Organizer Letter Storage Rack Box Stationary Case Gift

Our stationery cases are unique and elegant,adding a view of the interior.

Product Details

Our designers show you new ideal about stationery cases. They use 100 percent natural stone such as granite and marble to hand carve and polish pen holders, pencil holders and letter holders, etc. They give your desk a fresh and personalized look. Due to the unique structure of each stone, our stationery case is not only creative but also cannot be duplicated. And to compare with the products made of synthetic materials, using natural stones for our products adds a unique distinction and durability.
Our products are perfect for your personal use and it's a great item to add to your office collection and to your gift list.
Random veins will occur in genuine stone and should not be considered a defect.
1.Blue Pearl Tissue Holder and Pen Holder


Dimension:  29X19X14CM (sizes can be customized)

2.Emerald Pearl Tissue Holder and Pen Holder


Dimension:  29X19X14CM (sizes can be customized)

3.Stationery Set HSA005


Dimension:  10X10X13CM; 29X19X14CM; 22X15X10CM(sizes can be customized)

4.Stationery Set HSA008


Dimension:  20X10X9CM; 28X15X10CM; 10X10X13CM(sizes can be customized)

5.Stationery Set HSA009


Dimension: 29X19X14CM; 20X10X9CM; (sizes can be customized)

6.Stationery Set: HSA011


Dimension:  20X10X9CM; 29X19X14CM; 18X17X11CM(sizes can be customized)

7.Kashimir White Letter and Pen Holder


Dimension:  18X17X11CM; (sizes can be customized)

8.Pradiso Pen and Letter Holder


Dimension:  20X10X9CM; (sizes can be customized)

9.Stationery Set HSA020


Dimension:  29X19X14CM; 18X17X11CM; (sizes can be customized)

10. Marble Menu Holder 


Dimension:  10X6X6CM; (sizes can be customized)

11.Green Marble Tissue and Pen Holder


Dimension:  29X19X14CM(sizes can be customized)

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