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Marble/Granite Picture Frame Stone Inlay Table Deco Gift

Our company produce all kinds of Stone Picture Frames. They are made of pure Marble/Granite stone, the combination of stone and log, the combination of stone and copper, the combination of stone and iron.

Product Details

Our factory produced all kinds of stone photo frames. Take the piece of stone, after cutting, repeated hand grinding and polishing a lasting luster and delicate touch to show. The texture made by nature gives the marble a sense of beauty as a landscape painting. Enjoy and indulge self ambilight. The art frame shows the elegant taste of the owner of the living room in the decoration of the photo. The frame of our company is made of pure marble, the combination of stone and log, the combination of stone and copper, and the combination of stone and iron. Different combinations create different styles, special products.


Note: the inner link of the frame is grind and glued by hand, and there will be a little rough gray mark. There is no defect here, not within the scope of the claim.

Marble frame to avoid long direct sunlight; away from the heat source; clean with soft dry cloth

Marble is a natural material, and the lines and patterns of each product are different.

Marble is heavy, full weight, please be careful to avoid injury.

The pictures of the products are all photographed in kind. Due to the setting of light and the different reference environment, it will lead to a certain color difference. The resulting color difference is not within the range of after sale.

Custom-made products, except for breakage, do not accept replacement services.

Please be noted, we are pleased to provide customized products. 

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