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Indoor Natural Genuine Stone Handcrafted Marble Granite Flower Holders Kitchen Table Vase Flowerpot Holder Pot Gift

Our company developed new varieties of vases and flower holders. They are made of metal and marble and pure stone.

Product Details

Our company developed new varieties of vases, flower holders.  Some of them are combination of metal and marble, some vases are made of pure marble. Their texture is natural and the shape is simple. The flower vases made of metal and marble are with elegant and clean design in shapes. The vase uses the alloy to cast the bottleneck or bottle bottom. It is durable and corrosion-resistant. The texture of the marble bottle with artificial polishing is clear and natural. Marble Vases’ or deep or shallow textures are interlaced and interwoven, introducing natural scene into the home, peeping at the original beauty of stone, showing the charm of art and space combination. It is suitable for many kinds of furniture decoration style. The stitching of metal and marble is smooth, so as to achieve seamless connection

The marble vases create a simple, fashionable and balanced home space. It represents the fashion and the metal texture coexists. Flower holders can be placed in the hall or partial upper corner, not only for the display, also for the modern people to find the exit in the tedious work and life.  The pursuit of physical and mental balance demand.

Fashionable furniture decorated with those elegant flower vases, the taste of life comes out. The confusion between the full balance of equipment collocation texture, life scale and elegant, in the bustling city, find your quiet space.

Emotional ornaments can touch the soul. The static balance of the mood is not catered to in the stream. 

The flower vase can also be used as a red wine bucket, and the fashion is creativeN6.jpg


1.Marble HSB002

Dimension: 22X9.5CM; 19X9.5CM; 15X8CM (sizes can be customized)

2.Marble Vase HSB011


●Dimension: 22X9.5CM; 15X9.5CM; 15X8CM (sizes can be customized)
3.Marble Vase HSB012


●Dimension: 20X8CM; 25X10CM; (sizes can be customized)



●Dimension: 20X8CM; 17X10CM; 18X10CM; (sizes can be customized)



●Dimension: 22X9.5CM; 28X9.5CM; 19X10CM; (sizes can be customized)



●Dimension: 26X9.5CM; 28X9.5CM; 19X10CM; (sizes can be customized)



●Dimension: 19X8CM; 15X8CM; 12X8CM; (sizes can be customized)



●Dimension: 19X10CM; 17X10CM; 12X8CM; (sizes can be customized)



●Dimension: 26X10CM; 17X10CM; 22X8CM; (sizes can be customized)

10. N1.jpg

11. N2.jpg

12. N3.jpg

Veining varies from piece to piece; other marble varieties available to choose from. 

Wipe clean with soft, dry clothes

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