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Handmade Stone Cut Pillar Candle Holder Pillars Centerpiece Candlestick Candelabra Gift

We can produce all kinds of candelabra to meet your requirements. Our candlestick is made of marble/granite and metal.

Product Details

As a part of the western table culture, the candelabra are also widely accepted by the world. The candleholder on the table can make romantic feelings, increase the warm atmosphere and create a warm and comfortable dining environment. Our company's main candlestick is the light luxury and cross boundary mix style. Advocate highly personalized, the pursuit of design tolerance for different cultures and style elements of bold and creative restructuring and collocation, breaking the shackles of traditional style, embodies the untrendy lifestyle, do not fall into the stereotypes of aesthetic vision.


In recent years, in the daily life of large and small, there has been a very impressive word - low - tone and luxurious wind. Low profile luxury is a life attitude, a noble quality, superior taste of life, a quality of life expression, a symbol of style and taste, but also a pursuit of style. Our company's outstanding low-key luxury style, hoping to create such a home atmosphere: simple interior design, though low-key, decorate indoor space high-tech materials and bright elements, but it can fully reflect its quality and texture. In the design, the traditional, classic and modern elements are perfectly combined. The designer can use a rational and sagacious attitude to deduce the living attitude of the living person with high quality and simple comfort.

A small Candlestick to add new colors to your life!

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